FAQ hardware for sliding shutters

Can Hawa hardware systems be automated?

With the HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140/matic, Hawa offers an extensive product range in the field of automated sliding hardware for basically every facade situation.


Does Hawa offer system planning services to all customers?

Yes, we plan systems for a fee.


Can the HAWA-Junior be used in external areas?

We developed the HAWA-Frontslide to enable the use of non-weather-proof HAWA-Junior components in external areas. This hardware was developed specifically for external areas.


Can the automated HAWA-Frontslide system be connected to a building control system?

Retrospective conversion to radio control is possible. The HAWA-Frontslide system was tested successfully using supplementary components provided by Somfy.


Is specialist electrotechnical knowledge required to fit the motor?

The hardware and motor can be fitted without in-depth knowledge of electrical engineering thanks to the Hirschmann plug. Starting the motor is easy if the installer uses the commissioning box and follows the assembly instructions.