FAQ furniture hardware

Does the Hawa range include a bottom-running sliding hardware system?

Yes. The HAWA-Miniroll 15/25 is the only bottom-running furniture hardware system in our range. It is designed for a maximum door panel weight of 15 kg or 25 kg respectively.


Is it possible to fit door panels weighing more than 50 kg to the HAWA-210 50/VF?

An additional spring-loaded centre roller can be mounted between the standard rollers for panels of up to a maximum weight of 70 kg. However, this is only possible if the cabinet design prevents the top from bending or sagging.


Is it possible to combine the HAWA-Folding Turnaway 20 with the HAWA-Turnaway X1?

No. The HAWA-Folding Turnaway is an optional extra designed specifically for use with the HAWA-Turnaway X2 and X3. It can only be used in conjunction with these models.

HAWA-Multifold 30: Is it possible to exceed the panel width (200-500 mm) specified in the documentation?

The panel width is restricted to 500 mm for the HAWA-Multifold 30 free sliding designs to guarantee smooth, problem-free running. The same restrictions apply to the HAWA-Multifold 30/W. Exceeding these dimensions can cause the panel to derail or fail to close properly. A hinged HAWA-Multifold 30 panel stock with bottom track should not exceed 650 mm width. The maximum weight limit of 30 kg also applies to this version and should not be exceeded under any circumstances.


Why do the hinges jam on the HAWA-Topfold/Multifold?

The hinges are set to 3 mm clearance. If this clearance is adjusted, the other hinges must be adjusted on the same side to keep the pivot points in a straight axis and prevent jamming.