FAQ architectural hardware wood

What would happen if more than the specified load were applied to the HAWA-Junior system?

The rollers are the system’s weakest link. When subject to excessive load, the rollers start to flatten out (i.e. the plastic starts to yield under constant pressure). This in turn leads to excessive noise when the panels are moved.

How much force is required to move a sliding door equipped with HAWA-Junior hardware?

Our measurements (using the maximum panel weight) prove that the force required is significantly lower than that permitted by the relevant European standard.



Is it possible to bend HAWA-Junior tracks?

As HAWA-Junior tracks are a „closed“ profile, they cannot be bent. However, there are other systems where this is an option – ask us!

Can the HAWA-Vertical 150 also be used for aluminium windows?

The HAWA-Vertical system fits in to the panel overlap, which needs to be at least 16 mm. As aluminium windows only have an overlap of around 10 mm, fitting this particular hardware is not possible.