FAQ architectural hardware glass/metal

Are Hawa sliding glass systems suitable for outdoor installation?

Our sliding glass systems were originally designed for indoor use. However, thanks to various improvements made over the last few years our systems can now be used for outdoor installations in continental climate conditions. Various tests based on European standard EN 1670 (exposure to salt mist) have shown that our system is not suitable for installations in an aggressive climate (coastal regions, indoor pools, saunas).

Many components are equipped with limited protection against corrosion, and any subsequent minor inconveniences would have to be accepted. It may be necessary to replace susceptible components such as floor restraints, locks and sliding trolleys after a few years. However, Hawa does guarantee problem-free operation during the two-year guarantee period.

It is possible to coat susceptible components intended for use in aggressive climates, providing them with greater resistance against corrosion.


Is it possible to install HAWA-Variotec 150/GV and HAWA-Cornertec 150/GV systems without the bottom track?

Both systems can be designed without the bottom track. In these cases each panel is secured using a floor-level lock or a lock and floor-mounted sleeve. However, we recommend the use of a bottom track to avoid the risk of damage caused by innapropriate handling.


Are curved Hawa sliding wall systems possible?

Yes, the minimum radius is 2000 mm (HAWA-Aperto). Please consult Hawa before designing curved systems.


Can all customers benefit from Hawa’s installation planning service?

Yes, we design systems against payment.


Where can I order HAWA-Variotec hardware?

See the "distribution" section for details of sales partners in your region.

Are there any hardware systems, where laminated safety glass (VSG) can be used with?

Yes, with

- HAWA-Centerfold 80/GV

- HAWA-Junior GP

- HAWA-Ordena 70

- HAWA-Puro 100–150

- HAWA-Purolino-PLUS 80

- HAWA-Toplock

- HAWA-Variofold 80/GV

- HAWA-Variotec 150/GR

- HAWA-Variotec 150/GV

both toughened safety glass (ESG) and laminated safety glass (VSG) manufactured from ESG can be used.

Do you supply tracks in a variety of colours?

Hawa does not supply powder-coated tracks. Atomised spray from the powder-coating process can contaminate the track running surface and reduce its efficiency.


How much force is required to move a sliding door equipped with HAWA-Junior hardware?

Our measurements (using the maximum panel weight) prove that the force required is significantly lower than that permitted by the relevant European standard.