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HAWA Junior has performed convincingly and reliably around the world with effortless ease for over 30 years. It has proved its worth a millionfold as a comprehensive sliding hardware system for a broad range of applications. Its success and popularity among craftsmen, architects and users is anything but coincidental: its unshakeable robustness, versatile suspension and guiding options and practical accessories equate to unlimited possibilities wherever sliding solutions for wooden and glass doors are in demand.

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HAWA Junior update 2019: Inspiring sliding solutions for wall pockets

Hawa Sliding Solutions is aware of the increasing importance of pocket solutions for sliding doors in modern interior design, and it ensures that elegant room partitioning in high-quality interior design can now be realized more efficiently and conveniently for offices, commercial areas and residential areas with targeted system expansions of its HAWA Junior top sliding door fitting.

The pioneering assembly set, which has already caused a sensation with the HAWA Junior 80 B Pocket special fitting for wooden sliding doors, is now also proving its worth in the 40, 80 and 120 kg weight classes for glass sliding doors. Thanks to the pre-assembled retainer profile, the running track can be installed or removed at any time after construction is complete using rattle-proof bayonet locks, which ensures that all components are freely accessible. And pre-assembly prevents soiling of the running surface during the construction phase.

The innovative spring buffer combines maximum sliding convenience with a Push-to-open function. It pushes sliding doors out of the wall pocket gently and smoothly. This means that neither expensive lock case cut-outs, finger sleeves nor spring handles are required. And visually it's a win-win situation: The door edge is flush with the wall pocket, and the technology remains invisible.

The running track fastening for all HAWA Junior 40/80/120 fittings is also worth mentioning. It allows the running track to be installed with fixed wall pockets, and is specifically designed for narrow door openings.

Wall pocket solutions with HAWA Junior: To the theme brochure

HAWA Junior 80 B Pocket – top fitting for pocket solutions with wooden sliding doors: To the film

Assembly set for HAWA Junior 40/80/120: To the film

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Makes extremely gentle automatic braking of sliding doors up to 120 kg possible