Innovations from Hawa

HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140

The HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140 lets you take full advantage of every functional and design-related option that modern sliding shutters have to offer. It puts on a comprehensive performance across the board thanks to its flexibility and high resilience, the smooth, quiet running properties typical of Hawa and its high-quality guiding technology. What is most significant, however, is the addition of versions for 100 kg and 140 kg to the palette. Telescopic or symmetric installations with 1 to 4 shutters operated by hand or electrically allow the installation of sliding shutters up to 3200 mm in height.

  • Heavy shutters are possible
  • Up to 3200 mm in height
  • Numerous forms of movement

All systems in the overview                                        Catalogue extract sliding shutters (PDF):

Brochure: HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140/A (PDF)
HAWA-Frontslide 60/A
HAWA-Frontslide 100/A
HAWA-Frontslide 140/A

Brochure: HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140/A-Symmetric (PDF)
HAWA-Frontslide 60/A-Symmetric
HAWA-Frontslide 100/A-Symmetric
HAWA-Frontslide 140/A-Symmetric

Brochure: HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140/A-Telescopic (PDF)
HAWA-Frontslide 60/A-Telescopic
HAWA-Frontslide 100/A-Telescopic
HAWA-Frontslide 140/A-Telescopic

Brochure: HAWA-Frontslide 60/B (PDF)
HAWA-Frontslide 60/B

Brochure: HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140/matic (PDF)
HAWA-Frontslide 60/matic
HAWA-Frontslide 100/matic
HAWA-Frontslide 140/matic

Brochure: HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140/matic-Symmetric (PDF)
HAWA-Frontslide 60/matic-Symmetric
HAWA-Frontslide 100/matic-Symmetric
HAWA-Frontslide 140/matic-Symmetric

Brochure: HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140/matic-Telescopic (PDF)
HAWA-Frontslide 60/matic-Telescopic
HAWA-Frontslide 100/matic-Telescopic
HAWA-Frontslide 140/matic-Telescopic

Brochure: HAWA-Frontslide 60-100-140 over all (PDF)

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