Success through quality

Ever since Hawa's earliest days, we have always made substantial investments in our production facilities. Our production site is in Mettmenstetten. This is the only way to maintain complete control over our products and to be in a position to react, optimise and invest as circumstances request.

Our self-imposed demand to supply our customers with technically mature products of the highest quality also applies in full to every new development. Many a project does not survive the long and arduous test phase required to turn a new idea into a new Hawa product. The fact that we nonetheless hold more than 100 national and international patents in the markets of every continent is convincing evidence of our innovation.

Certified quality

In addition to the Hawa name, many of our products carry a further seal of quality: the successful test report issued by the LGA (Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern) in Nürnberg.